09 May 2007

Won'tcha Be My Neighbor?

Finally. After more than 2 1/2 years in our home, I'm starting to feel like part of a neighborhood.

Case in point: neighbor Joe across the street and three houses down walked over one day last year and asked if we needed any fill dirt. We didn't. I ran into neighbor Joe again this year and this time asked him if he had any fill dirt as we now needed it. What do you know? He did.

Then neighbor Joe ran into neighbor Bob (across the street and several houses down) who said he had dirt to get rid of. Joe told Bob about us. Neighbor Bob ran into B. and M. while they were walking Devo and asked if we really did need dirt; they said yes.

Last night, neighbor Bob hauled 10-15 wheelbarrows of dirt to our backyard - and smoothed it out exactly where we needed it.

We told neighbor Bob that we'd haul it or at least smooth it, but he insisted. On his last trip, he brought an 18-pack of beer.

Now I wonder, should I bake him cookies? Put a gift card of some sort in his mailbox? After all, he saved us money and labor. What do you think?

P.S. Why are there so many pictures of gnomes with wheelbarrows on the Internet?


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's been my experience that neighborly gestures are always appreciated. It's nice to be nice to the nice.

A plate of cookies sounds like fair reparation for such an occurrence.


Turtle Parade said...

Agreed - IF i had nice/good neighbors, I would bake them something. However, mine are all WEIRD. Not necessarily bad, just odd.