18 May 2007

Tennis Anyone?

While my main goal when playing tennis is only to get a good volley going, I love the game. My Dad, brother and I used to play a lot growing up and that's stuck with me. Finding someone who wants to play, however, isn't easy.

B. will play occasionally (but he doesn't enjoy it). And my Dad and brother live too far away for a quick game. I was excited to find out that two coworkers at my second 'real' job played tennis, only to discover that they really played tennis. One had trophies and ribbons to prove it. At my last job, I was once again excited to find out that a coworker (Nikki from previous post), played tennis. But she, too, played on a different level than I did.

So, imagine my glee (yes, glee) when I convinced the M.s to play last weekend! I ended up playing three times last weekend, twice with the M.s and once with B. But, unfortunately, that did nothing to 'tide me over'. I'm ready to play again this weekend. Any takers?

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