30 May 2007

Quick! Before it Passes!

I've been on a cooking spree lately. Nothing too fancy, but I am proud of myself nonetheless. Two of the meals were even new recipes - Two Pretzels' Pierogi Casserole and Kraft Foods' Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche.

Both were delish! But now I need another recipe to keep me going. Any suggestions?


wrestling kitties said...

YUM! How fun! I love cooking!!

Well lately we have made some of the following yummy dishes:

- grilled talapia with lemon and dill and portabello cesear salad
- Stuffed baked potatoes with cheese, ham, onion & green peppers - delicious!
- Shrimp Creole
- Bruschetta
- angel hair pasta with roasted tomatoes, basil and shrimp

and now T & I are going to be trying a Jambalya over pasta! can't wait!

I don't know exactly what the two of you like (T & I really like seafood and cajun food - which not everyone likes). Maybe these are some ideas! I will think of more!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Oh wow! I'm so excited you tried my recipe! I hope it was good. :-)