15 May 2007

Gas Or Else

Looking for a fun way to pass the time? I DO NOT suggest a root canal. Especially an 'emergency' one.

I woke up yesterday morning knowing I had to get a filling. No biggie. Give me some Novocaine and I'll survive. But instead of a 'small' filling, I had to have a root canal.

I've heard people say root canals are God awful. I've also heard people say they aren't so bad. Let me set the record straight here and now - they are terrible, evil, painful, horrible, miserable things.

I'm not ashamed to say that I cried through the whole thing and that in addition to praying to God and making deals with God, I begged Him to strike the dentist with a bolt of lightning. (Just a small one.)

If I ever need to have another root canal, I will not move forward on Novocaine alone. If gas is not involved, I will refuse to participate.


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

OH my gosh! You poor thing. Nothing worse than an unexpected dental surgery!!!

Feel better.

(Did the lightening strike request work?)

wrestling kitties said...

ICK! :(

I hope you feel better. And I hope that bad doctor at least gave you some good pain killers ;-)