30 May 2007

A Book a Day ...

... might not keep the doctor away, but I do love to read! I even keep a 'book' of the books I've read so that I can keep them straight (and not buy or borrow ones I've already read).

I finished two books recently that I'd like to recommend to all my book-loving friends:
  • A Smile as Big as the Moon by Mike Kersjes and Joe Layden. The book follows real-life special education teacher Mike Kersjes as he takes his students to Space Camp. True story that took place in Grand Rapids, Mich. My friend B.M. couldn't make it through the prologue without crying; I made it to page 87.
  • Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. In this 'prequel' to The Da Vinci Code, Robert Langdon is at his finest, trying to unravel centuries-old religious and scientific quandaries. Better than The Da Vinci Code, in my humble opinion.
I have to mention that I also breezed through Marian Keyes' Watermelon and Angels recently. Good, light reads that don't require much other description.

I think I'm going to read Little Children next, although something lighter might be a better move.
Hmm ...

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Anonymous said...

I also agree that Angels & Demons was excellent read not sure I agree it was better than The DaVinci Code. I did read A&D first and that could be the reson I think The DaVinci Code was a little better