03 May 2007

Blast from the Past

My cousin A. opened an interesting dam of memories yesterday when she ended an e-mail with this line:

"Questions, comments, words of wisdom?"

I hadn't heard or thought of that line for more than 12 years. It was the line my high school history teacher closed every class with. After some confusion on my end (Why did A. say that? Where had she heard it? Did she know Mr. G.?), I found out that my history teacher wasn't only my teacher, evidently he taught other people too. Like my cousin.

I spent more time than necessary thinking about Mr. G. yesterday. He wasn't my favorite teacher (for awhile his wife was, though). He wasn't a great teacher. Or a bad teacher. But I do have a lot of memories about him and his class.

For example, we were expected to bring in a news item of interest every week and share it with the class. If you didn't have one, you better watch out. One day, my friend B. didn't have one, but instead of facing Mr. G.'s wrath, he made up an entire story about a semi jackknifing to avoid hitting a deer, instead hitting a gas station and ultimately blowing up an entire town in Michigan. Good stuff.

I also remembered Mr. G.'s tattoo - a purple panther similar to the one shown above - which you could see through the sleeve of his trademark white shirt. I also remember the unpleasant but magnetic view provided when he stood just so. (I won't say anymore.)

Do you have a teacher - favorite or otherwise - that you have memories of? Care to share?

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Tiny said...

Mr. Vonalt. Seventh and eighth grade honors english.

He played a nose flute.