23 May 2007

Advertising at its Finest

I just saw a Web ad for Smirnoff Raw Tea. Have you seen it? If not, prepare yourself - it's written in 'gangster.'

The first thing that comes up on the product's Web site is: 'Join the Tea Partay. If ya wanna roll wit da Tea Partay we need to know your age, Playa.' So I'm a 'playa' now, am I?

For some reason, I can't get much further into the site (which is OK by me), but here's the scoop: 'Smirnoff Raw Tea tastes like new rhymes laid on a classic track. Its straight-up natural raw tea flava blends nicely with a triple filtered premium malt beverage for an incredibly smooth ...' blah, blah, blah.

I'm not sure if I'll drink it, but the advertising concept is interesting. Check out the commercial of rich white guys rapping about a tea partay on YouTube (search 'Smirnoff Tea Partay').

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wrestling kitties said...


awesome! I can just hear you quoting this!!! LOL!