22 April 2007

S.B. Rocks!

My friend B. and I saw country music superstars Sawyer Brown again last night at the Wagon Wheel Theatre in Warsaw, Indiana. Not only was the show amazing (as usual), the venue is awesome.

The Wagon Wheel is a theater in the round, the stage is in the middle. You're never more than 10 rows, about 30 feet, from the stage, which provides an excellent vantage point for checking out Sawyer Brown's lead singer Mark Miller and guitarist Shayne Hill (so hot!).

Even if you don't like country music, I guarantee you'll love Sawyer Brown live. This was my 6th time seeing them (which I thought was cool, but no where near 1,000, which is how many times a woman at last night's show had seen them). I'll keep seeing them as long as they tour!

And, if you ever get a chance, check out a show at the Wagon Wheel, it's the coolest venue around. (Get it? Around?)

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