17 April 2007

Question of the Day

Colors have long been used to represent emotion.

Green = jealousy, for example.

What do these colors - red, black and white - mean to you?

My answers are in the Comments section. Check back there in a day or two for the story behind this post.


A. said...

Red = Rage, Love, Anger
Black = Death
White = Innocence

Anonymous said...

Boy, you are way off!

Red, black and white means something completely different in this universe. Or someone's universe.


wrestling kitties said...


I would have to say I 100% agree on YOUR ideas of what those colors represent!

Not so much what other people may say they mean! :-)

(seriosuly I had to try so hard not to laugh this morning!)

Tiny said...

OK... I have to ask... What do those colors mean in "someone else's" universe?

Anonymous said...

black=really really angry...aka pissed off

wondering what is behind this...

A. said...

Here's what these colors really mean:

Red = Passion
Black = Corporate culture
White = Openness, transparency

Of course! Now I see!

Tiny said...

Hehehehehe... Corporate culture?!