17 April 2007


I think every blogger in the country is going to write about the shootings at Virginia Tech sooner or later, so I'm just going to do it sooner and get it over with.

I am not going to repeat what every news outlet in the world is reporting. We've all heard the terrible facts of this crime. What I am going to write about are priorities.

I used to be a newspaper reporter and even in northwest Ohio, I felt the pressure to find new angles for old stories. In today's media age, when stories get old quickly, new angles are gold.

But instead of taking the 'Blame Game' angle and pointing fingers (at least this early on), I think the media and everyone who's commented on this tragedy should be spending their time reporting on and expressing their shock, grief and sorrow. Then segue into 'How do I help? What can I do?.'

So much energy is being spent on pointing fingers, analyzing this situation and condemning gun laws that there's not enough energy left to help the students, parents, school administrators, etc., affected by this shooting. There will be plenty of time to find a scapegoat and fire him or her (which is bound to happen) after the victims are taken care of.

I'm yet to hear where donations can be sent. Are counselors needed? Are they already flocking to Blacksburg? What about campuses across the country? Do students at other schools have outlets for expressing their own fear and emotions?

I may not be listening to and watching the right news programs. Maybe these topics and others are being addressed. But the majority of the news I'm hearing is about how this happened, who's at fault, what could have been done to prevent it. There'll be time to address those issues later, for now, let's focus on the present and what should be done to get everyone through this tragedy as compassionately as possible.

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Anonymous said...

Amen. This is exactly what needs to be done.