19 April 2007

MP3* Player Game

The game is over. I gave you #6 and #15. Thanks for playing and congrats to Turtle Parade for winning!

My Blogsville Buddy Turtle Parade posted the funnest** game this week! She gave permission for others to post their own version, so here goes:

Below, you will find the first line of 15 songs. Tell me what they are (title and artist) and you'll get Bonus Points!

1. Remember the weight of the world. It's a sound that we used to buy on cassette and 45. I Summon You - Spoon, B.M. 1/2, WKRP 1/2

2. Mary Anne and Wanda were the best of friends all through their high school days. Goodbye Earl - Dixie Chicks, M.M.

3. I wish I was a neutron bomb, for once I could go off. Wishlist - Pearl Jam, R.C.

4. See that big blue note over that on the counter? You don't wanna read that thing man, it's a real get-you-downer. Big Blue Note - Toby Keith, Turtle Parade

5. Mama told me when I was young come sit by me my only son. Simple Man - Deftones, Turtle Parade (although I was thinking of the Lynard Skynard version)

6. I'm a sailor peg and I've lost my leg. I've climbed up the top sails. I've lost my leg. I'm Shipping Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys

7. I opened my eyes while you were kissing me once more than once and you looked as sincere as a dog. Parting Gift - Fiona Apple, R.C.

8. They're gonna clean up your looks with all the lies in the books. Teenagers - My Chemical Romance, Wrestling Kitties

9. You see it all around you. Good loving gone bad. Hold on Loosely - .38 Special, Turtle Parade

10. All down the street they're standing in line with white lipstick and one thing on their mind. Zombie Zoo - Tom Petty, B.M.

11. Sunshine. I'd really like to tell you. Oh my sunshine. Even through your skies are blue, you're drying up my bed. Sunshine - Matt Costa, B.M.

12. It's a long trip alone over sand and stone that lie along the road that we all must travel down. Long Trip Alone - Dierks Bentley, Turtle Parade

13. So you sailed away into a grey sky morning. Now I'm here to stay, love can be so boring. Best I Ever Had - Vertical Horizon (and Gary Allan), Turtle Parade

14. Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once? Basketcase - Green Day, R.C., M.M. 1/2

15. Right now he's probably slow dancing with a bleach blonde tramp. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood

* My game is the MP3 game since I don't have an iPod!
** I know funnest isn't a word, but I like it.


Anonymous said...

#2. Goodbye Earl - Dixie Chicks.
#9. I can hear it in my head - I'm gonna guess Bad Company. As for the title, I have no clue.
#14. Paranoid - Green Day.

Are some of these other ones songs or nursery rhymes?? :)


Anonymous said...

7. Fiona Apple - "Parting Gift"
3. Pearl Jam - "Wishlist"
14. Green Day - "Basketcase"

Booya I'm sweet.

A. said...

And we're off, folks -

Russ jumps into the lead with 3 correct answers right off the bat! (#s 3, 7 and 14.)

M.M. gets 1 1/2 points - Green Day was right, name of song was incorrect. #9 is a good guess, very good guess, but not right.

I also made an exception for Wrestling Kitties. She cannot get to a computer right now but sang and danced the answer to #8 for me - I had to give her a point!

Anonymous said...

No FAIR!!! I knew Green Day and Dixie Chicks!!!

#10 is the one and only TOM PETTY - Zombie Zoo Produced by Jeff Lynne

#11 is Sunshine by Matt Costa

#9 I really should know... but can't think...

#1 is a song I've heard. Its by some band that Yer weird Cincy friends like...I think. But I don't know it.

PS- this game rulz!


Anonymous said...

OOH I just noticed, #15 might be V.H. "Right Now" O-bee-vee-ously!


Turtle Parade said...


#4 Toby Keith - Big Blue Note
#5 The Deftones?
#9 (can't remember who) - Hold On Loosely
#12 Dierks Bentley - Long Trip Alone

Oooo, we have another country music fan :)

Turtle Parade said...

Is is 38 Special?

A. said...


BKM gets one point each for #10 and #11 and a half point for knowing the band behind #1. #15 is not Van Halen, my friend. Not even close.

Turtle Parade racked up 3 points for knowing the answers to #4, #9 and #12. Sorry, #5 is incorrect.

We're getting down to the wire, folks. We just need answers for #5, #6, #13 and #15 (and the title for #1)!

Anonymous said...

#1 SPOON and the title is "I summon you."

And excuse me, but I take offense to the comment by "BKM" that says, "It's by some band that yer weird Cincy friends like." We're not weird!!! Just into good music. He's the WEIRDO! Weirdo BKM!


Turtle Parade said...

Whoo hooooo! I thought of one more...

#13 Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon!

Is #5 the Deftones, no?

A. said...

1/2 point to WKRP. Go get 'em! Grr!

Another point to Turtle Parade for getting #13 - although I was thinking of the Gary Allan version.

T.P. - I swear #5 isn't Deftones, unless they covered the song I'm thinking of??

A. said...

Turtle Parade, Turtle Parade, Turtle Parade.

You are lucky.

Deftones did cover LYNDARD SKYNARD's Simple Man - you get a point. (Begrudingly)

Turtle Parade said...

y'know, I like Lynard Skynard too, but all I could hear in my head was the Deftones singing that!