05 April 2007

I'm Dun

Well, it's official. I'm dun with American Idol. Dun. D.U.N.

(That's how I spell 'done' when I'm really done with something.)

Granted, I say this every year when one of my favorites gets sent home before someone who stinks, but I might be serious this year. I cannot stand the fact that Sanjaya is still around - and not even in the bottom three - while better singers and performers have been sent home.

I know that Gina wasn't going to win. I know that she still gets to go on tour. And I know that she'll probably sign a recording contract as soon as the tour is over. But I'm still upset. This is a singing competition, people! Am I missing something? Is Sanjaya really a good singer?

I blame this all on Howard Stern. You evil little man.


wrestling kitties said...


Sanjaya SHOULD NOT be in the competition anymore. He sucks and I can't stand him!

I was also upset to see Gina go home. I agree she wouldn't have won, but she definatly sang better then a few other people who should be going home. I really wish the people voting would take it seriously.

Anonymous said...

I hate to kerreckt you on yer own blog, but Howard Stern is not little...nor is his EVIL!!!!

I hate Sunjaya TOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

ps- my strong dislike 4 Sunjaya has nothing to do with the fact that he has better hair than me.

rockIT J. Squirrel

Turtle Parade said...

Mr. Stern is far from the culprit of this...

He started in after finding multiple websites like "votefortheworst.com"

As much as I hate the fact that Sanjaya is till there - he IS truly horrendous - I think it's kind of funny...