20 April 2007

Going Too Far?

106.5 The Zone is now refusing to play Pearl Jam's Jeremy because of similarities to the recent incident at Virginia Tech. Please note that Jeremy was released in 1991 - 16 years ago.

Is this going a bit too far? What other songs could be banned from radio because of their lyrics?

To hear Jeremy, click here.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is taking it a little far. Then why didn't they stop playing it after the Columbine shootings?

I'm all for respecting the tragedy and regarding it as such, but this is uber-sensitive.


wrestling kitties said...


So here is the thing, I think it is stupid to take a song like this off the radio b/c if anything it is telling us we need to pay attention b/c situations like this can happen anywhere. Parents need to start paying attention to their kids and helping them if they begin to notice changes in their behavior BEFORE it gets to the point where they do something like this. This song is a warning....nothing more. It is something we should be talking about....that alot of times the warning signs are there but in today's society parents don't see it or are so far removed from their children that these kids are not helped. We should be talking about this, not removing songs from the radio that talk about it.

It is truly discouraging when music actually makes a point or says something that we SHOULD pay attention too and then the media/radio/ect takes it off the air b/c we don't want to hurt people's feelings.

I do think what happened at VT was VERY sad, but this is not the answer to helping.