05 April 2007

Do You Wanna Dance?

Many of you know that I work at a college now. Like most colleges, mine has a student gathering place (like BGSU's Union). Our student space is called the SHAC and features this lovely Dance Dance Revolution Extreme machine seen to the left.

Until working here, I had never actually seen anyone use this machine/game. Boy, am I glad I have now!

Kids who play this thing are serious. They are intense. They are not necessarily the world's best dancers.

But I give them props for trying.

Have any of you ever played Dance Dance Revolution Extreme or anything similar? Be honest. I won't laugh.


Anonymous said...

I think I once did something similar on a bar to the song "I touch myself" by the Divinyls once. I received exceptional marks on creativity, style, and originality. It was a hard fought battle but the girl that showed her boobs ended up winning the dance off. I would have killed in a gay bar. Live and learn I guess.

wrestling kitties said...

Ok, so I have tried Dance Dance before. Not the arcade version, but the playstation2 version...in the privacy of my own home!!

I honestly thought I would be fairly good at it. I took dance for 8 years, I have rhythm, I am a little clumsy - but usually that is just when walking not standing in one spot "Dancing". However, my friend, this is NOTHING like real dancing! Yes you have to stay on beat but it isn't dancing it is just hitting the correct arrows at the correct time and honestly - I SUCKED!!!!!!!

I think I will stick to real dancing (and guitar hero!!)

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I've never tried it, but I was in AWE of the newspaper students who RULED at it.


Anonymous said...

I too have witnessed this phenomenon. It appears as though the individuals participating are "dancing" to save their lives, possibly the world. Cracks me up every time. Some things are more fun to observe than to participate in... I think I'll continue to be a spectator of this...er sport/game/entertainment.