05 April 2007

Do Dogs Get the Flu?

Thanks to the enormous amounts of media attention given to the pet food recall, I've spent the last five-ish days worried that Devo might be a victim of the recall.

He hasn't been eating. He's thrown up a few times. He's been super cuddly and whiny and mopey. All signs that something is wrong with him.

But, his food wasn't on the recall list. I couldn't be sure about his treats because we buy them in bulk, but I was pretty certain, they weren't.

Just when I was going to cave and call the vet, he's recovered. Or is recovering. He was chipper and happy this morning. Even wanted to come to work with me (silly dog!). If he eats today, I'm going to give him a clean bill of health.

Could it have been the flu? A bug picked up at daycare? Hmm.


wrestling kitties said...

Poor Devo....I am glad to hear he is feeling better!

Our old dog Lady would get the occasional "cold". She wouldn't have much of an appetite, be more tired than normal and not want to play. After a few days she would get better.

I would say keep watching him and if he doesn't show signs of getting better in the next couple days take him to the Dr.

Anonymous said...



Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I'm a believer that dogs do get the flu and that they do get allergies.

I'm so glad Devo's feeling better.