05 April 2007

Craft Month Results

Well, National Craft Month has come and gone - and all I made was a stupid pitcher.

To be clear, I didn't make it, I painted it. And it didn't turn out quite how I had hoped. I think I just wasn't in the creative mood when I went to the pottery place.

Oh well, my creation is above. I think I am going to use it as a vase.


wrestling kitties said...

CUTE! I want to do something fun like that! Is there a place you go, or did you just buy it from the store?

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was that cute. Actually the only use for it that I see is a drinking glass for some ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon. I actually had some PBR on tap at a bar tonight. I spilled the first sip for my good homey Teriaki. You could always count on PBR if the keg went dry. All you needed to do was sweet talk Teriaki and you could get a PBR and Camel. Good times.... Good times.
By the way, PBR still tastes like crap.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I absolutely love it.