25 April 2007

Ahoy Mateys!

If you don't love pirates, stop reading now. ... OK, we can begin.

My place of employment is kicking off a Heart Walk today and I just so happen to be captain of a team. Yesterday in correspondence to my teammates I signed off as 'Captain Hook'. (I was going to sign off as Captain Underpants, but I wasn't sure how my teammates would respond to that.)

One of my teammates was immediately gung-ho about having a pirate-themed team. If any of you have heard my repertoire of pirate jokes, you'll know that I was hooked too. (Get it?

Anywho, one of my teammates immediately picked her pirate name - Captain Jack-olin Sparrow! This morning another teammate picked her name - Dirty Jennie the Wench of the Pirate Ship Scurvy Eunuchs!

I can't be creative without pressure, so I won't know my name until about 2 minutes before we kick off the walk. In the meantime, I'm tried out an online name generator made just for this occasion! It gave me Captain Anne Flint, which isn't fun enough. Back to the drawing board. Arg!


Billy said...

It gave me Captain William Kidd as my pirate name

wrestling kitties said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!! I love my name!!!

This Pirate thing has totally made my week! I am SUPER excited....even though I should be excited about walking and getting healthy, sometimes it is the extra things like this that just push you a little more and make boring things like walking more fun!

Now I wonder if I walk with a limp if my pedometer will count that as a step?!?!?!

By the way - I never heard your name!