06 March 2007

Taking Stock

For some reason, I've been really negative lately. No reason why that I know of. I've just really enjoyed complaining recently.

I don't like it.

One of the things I've been complaining about is work - even though my still-new job is a thousand times better than my old job. So I started thinking about new things I've done as a result of this job and it's making me feel better. Since I started, I've:

  • Told my boss no (on more than one occasion) and didn't feel bad or get in trouble for it
  • Started this blog (at the suggestion of a coworker)
  • Been thanked for helping out
  • Been praised for work well done
  • Taught a journalism class
  • Felt challenged
  • Learned a new computer program
  • Re-learned the quirks of a Mac
  • Drove to Minster, Ohio
  • Mentored students
  • Made high-level decisions (I hate the phrase 'high-level')
  • Felt respected
Next time I complain about work, someone remind me what my old job was like. If that doesn't work, remind me about this list.


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

You can SO do this.

(Think of how great the Minster check is going to be in your wallet. :-))

And, you are SO appreciated. The College wouldn't be able to FUNCTION without that catalog. EXCELLENT job. And the newspaper kids? They need you and like you. You're doing a great job there, too.

It's the winter doldroms (sp?). Change your screen saver to a beach theme and remember to breathe.

The sun will be shining soon.

Anonymous said...

Your other friend has taken the praise and comfort approach where I prefer tough love.

Suck it up you sniveling little brat. Do you realize there are thousands of little kids working their fingers to the bone to make shoes for Nike? You got it easy you big vagina (that may not work since you're a girl but I'm gonna go with it anyhow). Do you think you're the only person who doesn't like their job? How about the guy who has to artificially inseminate wild elephants? Consider that next time you think you have it rough.