16 March 2007

Question of My Life

It's no secret that I display obsessive-compulsive behaviors from time to time. (OK, everyday.) I try to hide it at work, but at home, it's a totally different story.

No worries. I took a test online and do not really have OCD. I just have some issues. Such as:

  • Remote controls need to be in their drawer when not in use.
  • Drawers and cabinet doors need to be shut.
  • Items on tables need to be straight (or centered).
  • Coats and shoes need to be in the hall closet.
  • Towels need to be straight on their rods in the bathroom.
  • Cans, jars and boxes need to be facing forward in cupboards.
  • Etc., etc., etc.
My friend B. recently asked me if it was the act of straightening that I enjoyed or the satisfaction of seeing something placed correctly that I enjoyed. I've thought about it, but I don't know the answer to his question.

If I was forced to answer, I'd have to say it was the act of straightening that I enjoy since I've been known to straighten things that were already straight.

Do any of you have any obsessive-compulsive behaviors you'd like to share?

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