08 March 2007

National Craft Month

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? Me neither! But I'm excited about it! I love to do crafts - always have, always will - as long as they are one-dimensional.

Let me explain. For years and years (and years), I've made cards, stamped and scrapbooked. I also enjoy (in spurts) cross-stitching and painting pottery.

But for some reason, my dabbles in crafts with dimension (candle-making, soap-making, jewelry-making, crocheting, knitting, etc.) have never gotten off the ground or
have fallen by the wayside.

While fun, candle-, soap- and jewelry-making require a bit of an investment in the beginning. And when you factor in that a person can use and give only so many candles, bars of soap and bracelets a year, I lost interest.

And no matter who tries to teach me (and many have), I can't knit or crochet to save my life. (Although I can latch-hook like a pro!)

So, as this month is devoted to the hobbies I hold dear, I'm going to make the most of it. 'It' being the sales that are sure to be held, the crops that are sure to be offered and the ready-made excuse to spend a little more time scrapbooking than doing dishes. ('Honey, it's NATIONAL CRAFT MONTH! I'm SUPPOSED to work on these projects this month!')

If I remember (and am successful), I'll let you know what I created this month when I'm done!


Turtle Parade said...

I LOVE that you're a self-proclaimed pro at Latch-Hook...of all things! Hilarious! I haven't done a latch hook in years, like 20, and I don't think I ever finished one then!

Learning how to knit is definitely one of my goals in life. My mom knits gorgeous blankets, and I'd love to be able to do it too. I attempted a scarf once, but it only got to be about 6 inches long before I gave up!

wrestling kitties said...


I LOVE crafts! I don't know how many projects I have started though and never finished :(

I love to try new things! I actually tried the wood burning kit (where you have this thing that burns the wood into a design) BIG FLOP! I am not good and should not be allowed to use anything where heat is a part of it!

My favorite thing to do is the copper embossing! I made everyone in my family little framed embossed art pieces a couple years ago! And I also made my sister and dad scrapbooks!

I am going to have to use this as an excuse to do crafts...T always says I make too much of a mess and I am too random in my crafts!

Anonymous said...

Art RULEZ!!! by art I mean anything using creativity or imagination!!!!

that of course includes music!!!!!


WKRP said...

This is a bad month for all of my craft supplies to be in storage. What a bummer.