12 March 2007

Make Up Your Mind

How is a person not supposed to get sick when the weather forecast goes a little something like this:
        • 58 - Today
        • 64 - Tuesday
        • 56 - Wednesday
        • 48 - Thursday
        • 36 Friday
        • 34 - Saturday
I'm all for spring getting here, but this up-and-down crap is literally making me sick. If it weren't for a unique combination of Zicam, night cold/flu medicine and day cold/flu medicine, I'd be down for the count.

1 comment:

wrestling kitties said...

I agree. My sinuses have been KILLING me for the past week or so. The constant change in pressure gives me headaches and makes me congested...I wish it would just pick a temp. and stay at it!

I hope you don't get sick! Hopefully the arsenal of medicines you are taking will help! I am trying to do the same thing!