05 March 2007

Laundry 101

This Question of the Day might cause some arguments, but I'm interested in hearing the views of my reading audience!

Here's the situation, you are throwing a load of laundry in the wash. Straight from a laundry basket to the washing machine (assume the clothes are sorted). Whose job is it to make sure the pockets are empty? The person who threw the clothes in the basket or the person throwing the clothes in the washer?

My answer is in the Comment section.


A. said...

I think the person throwing the clothes in the basket is ultimately responsible for checking the pockets. It'd be a bonus if the person washing checked again, but he/she would not be responsible for anything that made it into the suds.

Turtle Parade said...

Ditto: The person throwing the clothes into the basket. (assuming all adults here - I might think differently if I had a six year old who might stuff crayons in their pockets)

WKRP said...

It's definetely the owner's responsibility. And really, how can you NOT know the contents of your pockets? I don't know about you, but I generally know the contents of my pockets at all times. Receipt to log into checkbook later? Check. Front pocket of dark wash jeans. Spare change from McDonalds lunch order? Check. Front pocket of light washed jeans. Pacifier that fell in Target parking lot? Check. Back pocket of khaki pants.

On the other hand, it IS quite amazing what can be washed, and subsequently dried, without consequence of fire or catastrophic melting. For example, I've washed and dried: three lighters at one time, a bottle rocket, three lego pieces, a folding travel toothbrush, a AAA battery, a $20 bill, and a Valentine's Day card.

You should check out Rainer Maria's song called "The Contents of Lincoln's Pockets."

Anonymous said...

Although it is the owners responsibility to check pockets, by law(not sure which one)anything found in the pockets becomes the property of the person doing the laundry. So you should be looking for that $20 or what ever treasure can be found and use it for yourself. Besides it gives you the right to say look what you left in your pockets for me. Thanks a bunch

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I think the person who does the laundry is responsible. Why? Because that same person is going to have to end up being the lucky one who will get to pick the little pieces of dried kleenex off of everything. Let's be realistic.

I do think, however, the owner can do a service by emptying her/his pockets prior to laundry hampering.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, it is the responsibility of the person who put the article of clothing into the basket. (Minus the child less than oh....how about 12). Anything found by the actual laundry doer has now changed ownership. There should be a rule...cross that...law made regarding the item found. I would think that all of us would like to keep the $20, but what if it is something of no particular value to the laundry doer...there should be some type of compensation... any thoughts?