05 March 2007

I've Got a Fever

Call it Spring Fever. Call it Cabin Fever. Heck, call it whatever you want. I can't stand it!

I hate this time of year. Winter isn't fun anymore. It's cold. Everything is dirty outside. I feel cooped up.

Yes, spring is just around the corner, but it's teasing us. One day it's 45 degrees outside; the next it's 29.

I want to open my windows (car and house), plant some flowers, clean out my attic and basement, sit on my porch swing, make a pitcher of iced tea!

It will be a great day when I can open my house windows, turn the radio up and do a thorough spring cleaning! (Is it strange that I am looking forward to that?!)


Billy said...

Count me out

wrestling kitties said...

I can't WAIT!!! It will be nice to finally have a house when spring cleaning time comes around!

The only thing I don't like about spring is that it means summer is just around the corner (I hate summer). But spring is GREAT!

WKRP said...

I went to Kroger's today to buy flowers for a bouquet and I asked the floral clerk when Easter lilly's would be in. She said not until the end of month. I was crushed. In the back of my mind I knew that's when they came out, because they always come out around my birthday, but I guess this year I was hoping there would be an early crop, or something. I don't think I've ever been so excited for spring. I'm ready for it man.