21 March 2007

Can Blake Beat Box His Way to Fame?

American Idol hasn't been cutting it for me this year, but last night went far in changing my mind.

My fave performances?

Those by Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks.

See Blake's sensual rendition of 'Time of the Season' here.


wrestling kitties said...

I hope not. He is good, but I just don't love him. There is something about him that bugs me and I don't know what it is.

Even though I think Melinda, Lakisha and Jordan are all great....I have not found that one Idol that I love this year. boo

Anonymous said...

Love him or leave him he'll make it either way. I've seen enough to predict he'll follow in the foot steps of Daughtry (sp?) and that doof guy who lost to Rueben Studdard, (I think) uhhhh....ummmmm y'know the "invisible" (he he he) guy. My point, win or lose he'll get a deal from someone. His 15 minutes surely won't be up after this seasons AI.

rocket j.Squirrel