26 March 2007

I Need an On/Off Switch

Please tell me someone else has had this problem before: I went to get a massage Friday night (my first one ever) and couldn't shut my brain off.

I know that's probably not a requirement for enjoying a massage, but I'm pretty sure it would have helped. My mind was jumping around like a ping pong ball in a dryer. A sampling:
  • There was dulcimer in the music, which reminded me of the Renaissance Festival, which made me try to figure out how long it's been since I've gone to the festival, which made me want to go back this year.
  • Some of the music had an Indian flavor to it, which made me think of traveling there and women with dots on their foreheads and what does what mean again?
  • I thought about Phoebe (from Friends) and how she was a massage therapist, which reminded me of the episode where Rachel's boyfriend (was it Rachel?) went in for a massage and 'showed himself' to Phoebe.
  • I thought about how happy I was that I shaved my legs right before I went, which made me think about people who don't shave their legs. I wondered how the therapists handle that? What if someone 'not clean' comes in. Do they have to provide a massage or can they reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime for any reason?
  • I wondered if it's weird for a female massage therapist to massage a hot guy, and vice versa. I wondered if I would be OK with getting a massage from a hot guy.
  • I thought the leg/foot massage might be good for B.'s gout, but then wondered if I would be OK with him getting a massage from a hot girl.
  • I wondered if the water trickling in the fountain made other people have to p.
  • I wondered where I could buy the blanket covering me. (It was very soft.)
  • I wondered if massage therapists get carpal tunnel.
It went on and on.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to relax if I ever go back?


M said...

Ha! I appreciate stream of conscious thinking. And I'm with ya, I would be the exact same way.

But, really, what else are you supposed to focus on? The weirdo who is rubbing you in semi-private parts? Personally I'd rather think about something else.

wrestling kitties said...

haha! I agree, i tend to have the same thoughts when I get a massage or facial. It is relaxing but yet an uncomfortable situation!

In everyday life I also tend to not be able to turn off my head....ecspecially right before I go to bed! (Nyquil works wonders!!)

Anonymous said...

LOL...This story is one of my favorites. You crack me up. The first step is admit you have a problem.