14 March 2007

False Advertising

Working so close to a cafeteria and a collection of vending machines is bad. Every afternoon I get a craving for something sweet. And the options are endless.

The vending machine nearest to my office offers chilled candy bars. Three adorable candy bar cartoon characters smile, wave and encourage me to eat them from the front side of the machine. The middle one is a Kit Kat bar.

HOWEVER, the machine does not sell Kit Kat bars. Why, then, are they advertised, I ask?

Since I've started here, I've been craving a chilled Kit Kat bar. All because of that dang cartoon Kit Kat. Grrr.

Bonus Points to anyone who'll 'sing' me a line of the Kit Kat jingle in the Comment Section.


Billy said...

gimmie a break gimmie a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar

A. said...

Bonus Points for Billy! Woo-hoo!