15 February 2007

X Factor

FOX let me down this week.

I know I should be blaming Toledo Edison for the power outage that prevented me from seeing American Idol Tuesday night, but where was FOX in communicating that the episode was going to be shown yesterday at 7 p.m.?

While I was happily solving puzzles on Wheel of Fortune and beating teenagers on Jeopardy!, Idol wannabees were battling it out just a few remote clicks away.

I feel so lost. What happened to my early favorites Jory and Jenry? And where'd Ashlyn go? If Sundance hadn't pulled through for me last night, I woulda been crushed.

I don't even remember seeing most of the Top 24 during auditions, which worries me. Usually by this point I have a favorite - Bo, Katharine, even Jon Peter (remember him?). At the very least, I have all 24 names committed to memory. So far, though, I haven't seen anyone with that 'X' factor.

This year the best I can do is say Gina is the only girl that sticks out in my mind (except for Leslie and Melinda, who I don't like) and Chris is the only boy who sticks out in my mind, though it may be more for his comedic aura than his singing abilities. And finally, Sanjaya? I don't know what to say about him.

What do you think?

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wrestling kitties said...

I haven't seen it enough to know who I like - I actually do not have any favorites at this point and do not know who made it on. I will pay more attention now that there are the top 24 and determine who I like now.

I hate to admit this, but as much as I have liked AI in the past I am not feeling it this year. I almost feel like the show has reached its peak (for me). I hope once the top 24 starts and I get some favorites my opinion will change - but for some reason I just haven't been that into the show....are they doing something different?????