03 February 2007

Who Knew?

B. and I splurged on Devo the other day. This isn't anything new - while we don't treat him like a child persay, we do treat him better than most people treat their dogs.

Anyway, while picking out treats for Devo, puppy popcorn caught our eye. Seriously. It's popcorn for dogs. Or, WoofyPop if you want to be technical.

This particular brand comes in six flavors, including filet mignon. We chose bacon.

Watching a dog eat popcorn is hilarious! He wasn't sure of it at first, so we started throwing pieces at him, which he'd grab outta the air. Then chew. One piece at a time. Good, wholesome entertainment!

If you want more info, check out WoofyPop here. We bought this particular brand at Meijer, but we've also seen similar snacks at Pet Supplies Plus.

Bon appetit!


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Nothing wrong with buying Pupcorn. Our dog has some and loves it.:-)

wrestling kitties said...


Our dog would have loved this! She was actually a huge fan of the frosty paws ice cream! (every friday she got her treat!)