19 February 2007

What Could You Live Without?

Last night one of the news programs aired a teaser for a segment called 'What Could You Live Without?'

I thought it would be fun to try to answer that question. I'm gonna limit it to five items and put a deadline on it. And all answers must be real sacrifices.

What I could live without for 30 days (if I had to):
  • Microwave
  • Hairdryer
  • Alarm clock
  • Television
  • And while I could not give up the Internet, I will give up Mapquest.com and Superpages.com (and *gasp* learn how to use a map and a phone book again)
On the flip side:

While chocolate hasn't necessarily made my life easier, it does make me feel better when stressed or sad - I could not give it up for 30 days. I also could not give up my car and, while I wish I could, I could not give up my cell phone. (Keeping my cell phone allows me to give up my alarm clock.) And last but not least, I could not give up a radio.

What could you live (with and) without for 30 days?

P.S. Everyone gets to keep indoor plumbing.

1 comment:

wrestling kitties said...


I could also live without (for 30 days):
-my hairdryer but would need to keep a curling/flat iron because this mane gets wild without some straightening!
- I COULD live without caffine (pop and coffee) but it would be a long 30 days for who ever was around me!
- I could live without going to work (does that count)
- TV (only if I could still DVR everything I would miss...seriously I know that is bad)
- shopping

I can not live without:
- Internet/blogging
- my husband (cheesy - so!)
- Qudoba
- My car as well...our only reliable form of transportation
- music

Little tougher than I thought! I must be more of a materialistic person than I thought! sad