11 February 2007

Question of the Day

B., M. and I had a toast buffet the other night. We didn't plan it, but for some reason toast, in all its wondrous forms, sounded good to us.

Who knew toast came in so many delicious flavors:
  • With butter
  • With butter and garlic salt
  • With butter and cinnamon and sugar
  • With butter and peach jam
  • With butter and peanut butter
  • With grape jelly
  • With peanut butter (no butter)
  • With peanut butter and honey

What's your favorite way to eat toast?

P.S. I feel like Bubba from 'Forrest Gump'.

P.P.S. After writing 'butter' so many times, it doesn't look right anymore.


Turtle Parade said...

Toast with Peanut Butter, and a mug of hot chocolate. Mmmm...

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Oh! What a WONDERFUL post!

I absolutely love toast and eat it nearly daily!

My favorites:

* With butter (NOT margarine)
* With butter & strawberry jam (& dipped in my hot chocolate.)
* With butter & grape jelly
* With butter & cinnamon & sugar

wrestling kitties said...

I love toast! so good!

Toast & Peanut butter
Toast with margrine (also add cin. & sugar)
Garlic toast
Toast and raspberry preserve
Toast and cream cheese