20 February 2007

Post #100

Wow! Time sure does move fast when you’re having fun!

I noticed a few days ago that my 100th entry was coming up so I decided to be a dork and commemorate it (hence the balloons).

I’ve also been giving some thought to some sort of regular feature I could include to keep you, my loyal readers, happy. (Much like Two Pretzels' Flower Friday.)

To that end, I’ve decided to make my random ‘Bonus Points’ more structured.

You may notice on the bottom right-hand side of this page that I’m keeping a running total of points readers have accumulated by answering random trivia questions in my posts.

Starting now, those points mean something. I’m not sure of the details yet, but at some point, there will be prizes.

So, when I pose a question in an entry (like, what’s the dot over an ‘i’ called?), be sure to answer it quickly! You just might walk away with a fabulous prize!

P.S. Thanks for reading!


Billy said...

it's i "tittle"

yah I win!

A. said...

We have a winner!

wrestling kitties said...

FUN!!!! how exciting & congrats on your 100th post!!!