22 February 2007

My Baby has Left the Nest

B. dropped Devo off at Doggy Daycare today. My baby is growing up so quickly.

I'm trying to joke, but seriously I am not taking this well. What if he misses us? What if he doesn't make any friends? What if he gets hurt?

I know I shouldn't worry for several reasons - like, um, he's a dog - but I am!

Even the 'Report Card' then sent home with him after his 'interview' Tuesday isn't helping, although it's cute:

I was a huge hit.
Made friends easily.

I loved playing:
Wrestle, chase, keep away

My new friends are:
Sam, Jack, Gracie and Gus

I was:
Very popular

Devo had a great time! He wasn't too sure at first, but then discovered this was 'play' time and cut loose. Devo didn't meet a dog he didn't like, nor one that didn't like him! We love you, Devo - hurry back!

With a report like that, I know I just need to let him go do his doggy thing, but it's hard! I never thought I'd be 'this person' when it came to my dog. If I'm this bad now, what am I going to be like when I have children?!


wrestling kitties said...

It will be ok!

Just think how much fun he is getting to have! And I am SURE he loves coming home to tell you and B. what a GREAT day he had! SO FUN!!

ALSO, how freak'n adorable is this place and his doggie report card! I want a dog I can take to doggie day care, haha! This is AWESOME! I am so glad he made it through his interview!

Turtle Parade said...

This is hilarious, and adorable, all in one!

M said...

Loved it the first time I read it and I love it even more the second time!

Too cute!

Devo looks nice.

Anonymous said...

I have always felt the same way...about "those people"...but seeing Devo and knowing that he really is part of the family...I'm starting to get it. In my opinion any new milestone reached in a dog or possible future child's life will be hard. Perfectly normal to get a little teary-eyed when they grow up. Knowing you, you will be just fine...not one to lurk in the past or wait on the future...almost always happy in experiencing the present, tears and all.