27 February 2007

Let Down

Have you ever heard of the delicious smelling hybrid fruit pictured here? It's called a grapple - a creative combination of an apple and a grape.

I first learned of this concoction yesterday and couldn't wait to try it.

The verdict? While the grapple had a refreshing grape smell (much like that of a grape scratch-and-sniff sticker), it had little, if any, grape flavor.

I feel gypped.

Have you had a grapple? What do you think? Did I get a bad sample?


wrestling kitties said...

Terry loves these! He always buy them when he sees them at the store. I tried it and it was just an apple with a different consistency. I didn't hate it but I would just rather have either an apple or a grape!

Turtle Parade said...

I don't mind them, but they definitely do smell more grape than they taste.

I'm not convinced that they aren't just regular apples that are dipped or soaked or something in some grape scent/flavoring.