21 February 2007

I Make a Cute M&M

I tried to make an M&M in my likeness yesterday, but sadly, this M&M has cuter hair than I do. And she's taller.

You can become an M&M too. Click here.

P.S. Her name is Princess Buttercup.


Tiny said...

Hehehe... I like her name. And, by the way, your hair totally kicks butt:)

wrestling kitties said...


(take this to the hair dresser and tell them you want the M&M!)

My pic is TOTALLY awesome but for some reason I can not save it so I can post it on my blog :( I guess I will have to email it to everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering..."buttercup"? Is this a nickname that B has for you? And if it is, can the hippie commune residents join in on the fun?

Anonymous said...

...And the M&M doesn't have Buge Hoobs.