07 February 2007

I Heart BuyBacks

I know some people are against buying used CDs and DVDs, but I have to tell you - there's nothing wrong with it!

B. and I have been used CD/DVD buyers for awhile now and have never had a problem. But, even if we did, we've already saved so much money that a dead CD or DVD here and there won't be a big deal.

Last night, I added four CDs to my collection, for the bank-breaking grand total of ... $8.48!

Granted you can't always get what you want (can anyone tell me what song I just referenced?), but sometimes you'll find something you never knew you wanted. (More on that in my next blog entry.)

My purchases:
  • Scream 2 Soundtrack
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer Soundtrack
  • So I Married An Ex Murderer Soundtrack
  • To be announced in next entry
P.S. I love buying soundtracks if you didn't notice. It's a great way to find fun, obscure songs and discover new artists.

P.P.S. The BuyBacks we frequent is on Talmadge by Cold Stone.


wrestling kitties said...

I have never heard of this place...but it sounds like I would love it! I love buying used DVD's/CD's...ecspecially of stuff you want but not enough to pay full price for! I may have to check this place out!

M said...

The song you referenced was "You can't always get what you want" by the Rolling Stones.

A. said...

Bonus Points to M.! Woo-hoo!!