15 February 2007

I Don't Buy It

And I'm not gonna buy anything with it.

In case you haven't heard, a new $1 coin is going to be released today. I don't know why, but this irritates me.

The last two $1 coins - the Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea - didn't work, so why will this coin, which will initially feature George Washington, survive?

U.S. Mint officials say they are going to work harder at promoting the coin this time around and they are going to make sure the coins are more widely available.

I want to know: are they also going to make them lighter? Are they going to retrofit machines that take coins so that they will be accepted as payment for the 20 oz. Dr. Pepper that I am craving right now? And can they assure us that if - if - we do accept these coins, that the paper dollar won't go the way of the Dodo bird?

Even if they can resolve those issues, there's still the fact that I don't like to carry change as it is; that's why I have several change containers strategically placed around my home (which double as my savings accounts - I'm a multi-tasker).

So, U.S. Mint officials, all that said, I'm sorry but I'm not going to use your new coin. I just don't buy that you can make it a practical, useful form of currency. I'm sure a lot of collectors are going to jump on your state-quarter-esque marketing bandwagon, though, so you'll be fine without me.

And that, my friends, is my 2 cents (because pennies are where it's at).


Anonymous said...

I'm also against the one dollar coin but for a much better reason. How the hell is stripper supposed to put a dollar coin in her G string? I'm sure the constant requests to "put it in the slot" will also get old real quick. I just hope currency doesn't go the way of the Canucks and force men to give strippers $5 bills because the $1 coins just don't work.

wrestling kitties said...

So, my wonderful husband is a collector of all things money. He loves and collects coins & paper money....he has everything organized and is just a huge fan!

I too was against the addition of dollar coins (the heavy purse thing upset me) until he talked to me about....I wanted to know why they were doing this. Basically he said the following reasons:

- A paper dollar only stays in circulation before it has to be reprinted b/c of damage (wear & tear) for about 6-8 months. A dollar coin can stay in circulation for up to 35 years. So therefore the government will save billions of dollars just on printing and distribution of coins instead of paper money.

- He also made a good point that we are not normally carrying $25 in ones at any given time, ecspecially now that we debit everything. I know that I don't like to have alot of one dollar bills in my wallet b/c it makes it harder to close. I like the larger currency IF I have any currency at all. I was thinking back...b/c this was what was upsetting me most....but it is a rare day when I have more than $10 of ones in my purse. Infact it is a rare day I actually have any currency in my purse...it is infact mainly change b/c I use my debit card everywhere now.

- I also think it is the mentality of people that we think we have more money if we have a paper dollar than coins...b/c coins in our mind are not worth as much.

- T. also made the point of the only ones being affected are the strippers! haha!

Ok, sorry for posting so much but one more thing. He also said that probably by 2010 we will be rid of the penny (round things up/down) which I LOVE that idea and that they will start re-incorporating the $2 bill. They are just trying to phase out the $1 bill as we know it today and the penny to save the government money and make it easier for us.

I have to say it kind of makes sense and I am for it! I have a new dollar coin in my purse right now! YAY! They look really cool :-)

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Ugh. I HATE COINS. I hate, hate, hate them.

In Mexico - there are TONS and they're heavy and bulky and stupid.

Bringing coins into the U.S. currency is like 50 years ago. Hello? Mexico is still using them.

I understand all that you're saying, W.K. - however from a purely selfish perspective: I hate them.