25 February 2007

Gift Idea?

Help. My brother's birthday is Saturday and I don't know what to get him. I need ideas. Stat.

Here's some info to help you help me:
  • He's gonna be 28
  • He lives alone; has a girlfriend
  • He loves sports (playing and watching)
  • He's a movie buff
  • If he wants something, he buys it (part of the reason I have no ideas)

I could go on, but I'm not sure what is relevant and what isn't. If you have any ideas for a unique, fun gift, please let me know!


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

If he's a drinker - how about different kinds of beer from the Andersons?

Gift certificate to a movie place?

Or, give him what I give my brother's for their birthday: nothing.


(SO GREAT to finally meet you!!!)

Billy said...

He is a drinker, but he is one of those lame drinkers that only drinks domestic beers(usually bud light)

wrestling kitties said...

hmmm....I do like the idea of movie gift certificates! Whether it is to a theater or to rent I think that is fun! Throw in some movie related snacks like popcorn, pop or his favortie candies and that is a nice gift!

Good luck (and happy birthday to him!!)

Anonymous said...

If you go with a movie theme you need to get him his own popcorn tub with a hole already cut out in the bottom. JAE will say it needs to be at least three inches in diameter but we all know it needs to be closer to one inch for a snug fit.
If a gift certificate is the direction you go I would recommend 69 beers or a $69 certificate at a place that sells beer.
If all else fails get him a pair of fuzzy bunny slippers so that when he's done skiing he can say "I'm gonna go back to the lodge and slip something long, warm, and hard into a ski bunny."
These are just suggestions and I take no blame if any of these result in personal injury for the gift giver or recipient.
Sorry I can't make it.