06 January 2007

What's in a Name?

I've heard that it takes some dogs awhile to get used to their name. For example, our neighbor said that at 9-months-old, his dog still wouldn't respond to his name.

Our dog doesn't have that problem. His name is Devo, but he'll respond to just about anything. I've been thinking about that recently, trying to decide if it's a bad thing.

Here's a list of names we (and our friends) call him:
  • The Devster
  • Devonator
  • Devis
  • Devo-Wevo
  • Ubu (but only when saying 'sit' - Sit, Ubu, sit.)
  • Baby (and other terms of endearment, including but not limited to, Honey, Sweetie, Cutie ...)
  • Brak
  • Braky-Wacky
  • Brakster
  • Baxter
  • Chief Little Ear

The list goes on.

I hope we're not confusing him ...

P.S. This pic of Devo was taken last summer. He's 9-months-old and close to, if not, 90 pounds now.


wrestling kitties said...

First cute puppy and GREAT name!!!

We call our pets a variety of different names. They seem to respond to a couple of them in particular. Sometimes I wonder if it is the sounds or tone in our voice or if they really do know their names?!?!

Rocket J. Squirrel said...

Hell Yeah cute puppy!

Question and statement. In the title of this post, Did you reference Green Day on purpose?

-If no then see part 2,(statement)

Hey did you know that Green Day sings a song called "Fashion Victim"? It's on Warning and the lyrics go something about "WHAT'S IN A NAME?...HEY!" Kinda co-wink-ee-dent-L.

ps. i have it if you want to hear it, think b. does 2