09 January 2007

A Sore Loser ...

... I'm not.

Nov. 18, 2006 was not a good day for me.

Michigan lost. Need I say more?

Because of that loss, I also lost a bet with B. It was a three-part bet; a bet I shouldn't've entered into, but pride was my downfall.

Because the Wolverines didn't beat the-team-whose-name-cannot-be-spoken, I had to run around my friend E.'s yard yelling, 'Go Bucks' after the game. The other two parts took place last night during the National Championship.

I had to paint my face scarlet and gray (puke) and wear
that team's clothing. And the worse part? I had to allow my picture to be taken and framed. And I must allow the picture to be posted in our house until next November.

Blech, blech, blech.

But, I did it all. Unless (fingers crossed) the picture doesn't print for some reason (there is a God).

Watch out, B. Paybacks are you-know-what! (And, yes, I can risk being cocky after last night's performance.)

1 comment:

wrestling kitties said...

HAHAHAHA!!! That is awesome!

Good for you for keeping up your end of the deal! Paybacks are a... so I would think of something great for next year :)