08 January 2007

Set Your VCRs

The guy to the left is B. and I's old roommate M. M. is playing the bass in the pic - the same thing he's going to be doing Thursday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Yep, I know a celebrity.

M. will be playing bass for Gran Bel Fisher, Thursday's musical act. You may recognize GBF's 'Bound by Love' from Grey's Anatomy and the Grey's Anatomy Vol. 2 soundtrack.

I am so proud of and happy for M. He's an excellent musician, a great friend and an all-around good guy. And now he's famous!

Actress Nicollette Sheridan and actor/musician Billy Ray Cyrus are the other scheduled guests for Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.

P.P.S. This photo was taken by my friend B. Check him out here.


wrestling kitties said...


M said...

How cool is that!?

I heart that song! It's probably my favorite on the season 2 soundtrack!

Kay said...

Looking at B's photography makes me want to enroll in college and take some photography classes! He's really good. Good isn't even a good word to describe his work.