18 January 2007

R.S.V.P.s Not Required

Why do friends do this to each other? Last night I went to (was tricked into attending) one of those parties where strangers try to sell you over-priced stuff you don't need. Over the years I (like many of you, I'm sure) have attended more than my fair share of these get-togethers in order to help a friend.

But last night I entered the land of no return as I was tricked into hosting my own party so that some stranger can sell over-priced stuff no one needs to my friends, all the while making it look like I support said over-priced products because the soiree is in my home.

I'm happy to say, though, that my friend will now get the tray thing of her desire and a new car and a million dollars (or something like that) - all because I agreed to pull my friends into a world I despise.

(I have a hard time telling people 'no,' OK?)

So, if you are reading this, it is likely that you will be invited to my party. Please, please, please, do not feel obligated to come or buy anything or, God forbid, host a party. I had to invite 25 people so that my friend could get her all-expenses paid trip to the moon.

But, if you do come, you'll be treated to the best chocolate fountain spread this side of the Mississippi. Because bribes are our only hope, my friend E., who was also tricked into having a party (we're too nice), is having a margarita party two weeks after mine.

(And, yes, if you did the math, that means I'll have gone to three of these parties before February is over. Boo.)


wrestling kitties said...

I hear you!

I go to alot of these parties and always buy things I don't need and will never use :( I hate that and I personally could never do anything like that for a living or on the side...I just HATE asking for things!

Your chocolate fountain DOES intrigue me! I also love cookware - it is one of my addictions!! I am checking the date with T and will let you know!

P.S. 25 people is ALOT to invite!!! I don't even think I know 25 people in the area!!!

w said...

Is a purse party in this same realm of "not cool" shopping parties? Because really, come on, admit it, you can't knock a purse party. They are PURSES. Custom. Hand made. Purses. Get in your car and come to Cincinnati.