03 January 2007

E-mail Etiquette

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. At every real job I've ever had (i.e. a job with a company e-mail system), I've sent an e-mail to the wrong person. Of course it's always been a personal e-mail, why would fate/karma/etc. find fun in making me send a work-related e-mail to the wrong person?

At least the most recent e-mail blunder wasn't a personal attack on the person I wrongly sent the e-mail to (yes, that has happened).

In this e-mail, I briefly shared my sadness at not being able to move to a new office. But instead of sending the e-mail to someone in my office, I sent the e-mail to someone in the system. I'm pretty sure the person is not even in this building.

At least (so far), she hasn't responded. This is the perfect action to take when sent an e-mail intended for someone else - ignore it. The person who sent it (me, in this case) will sooner or later figure out they screwed up. Don't remind them. They are already embarrassed enough.


wrestling kitties said...

First - that sucks you can not switch offices!!! Not cool!!!

Second, I have done this same thing here. I read a forward and responded to the forwarded message NOT the person who sent it to me. I think I covered it up fairly well, I had to pull something out of my *ss for that cover up! Hopefully it is some adjunct teacher who only reads their email once every 6 months!!! :-)

M said...

Yeah, I really don't think you need to be concerned. This person will not comprehend nor respond. They will be confused and delete it.

No worries.

And, yeah, that completely blows that you can't switch. There is no logical reasoning there.

Tiny said...

What?! Why can't you switch offices? What's the reasoning behind that?!

That sucks!

(P.S. I have definitely had my fair share of email/phone blunders. Ask M. She'll tell ya a good one. Embarrassing.)

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Hello, I'm Kylee. And yes, I did this today.


I actually sent a vendor a different client's wire instructions. Yeah, I'm REALLY good with confidential information.