22 January 2007

Devo: The Drunk Dog

Today is Devo's lucky day. Already a beer lover (I'm not proud to admit), Devo can now enjoy a brew made especially for him.

Kwispelbier - beer for your best friend - hit shelves last week in the Netherlands.

If anyone's going that way, can you pick me up a six-er?


wrestling kitties said...

HAHA!!! Seriously! I did not see this - too funny! T. wants to go to Amsterdam when we go to Ireland next year...will pick some up for your pup!! :D

Free Turtle Rides! said...


(couldn't really just give a dog O'Douls???)

Rocket J. Squirrel said...

How will keep your husband from drinking the puppies brew???

A. said...

No worries, Rocket - it's non-alcoholic.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...


Free Turtle Rides! said...

I just heard an add for this today.

It's made from beef extract? weird.

AND...it's perfectly safe for human consumption :)