21 January 2007

Chain Reaction

Two Pretzels' blog entry "Ode to Darla" sparked quite a run of memories for me last week - a new and exciting side effect of reading random blogs. Here's the chain:

Reading about Darla the hamster reminded me of Bert and Ernie, my friend B.'s hamsters. I hadn't thought about B. or her hamsters in years, but a lot of memories came flooding back - like how her dad wouldn't let her have hamsters, so her step-mom bought them for her and helped her hide them from her dad. B. kept her hamsters in her closet and as far as I know, her dad never knew (or never let on that he knew) about them.

That act of rebellion made me think of my biggest act of rebellion as a teenager. Here's that story:

My mom was a pretty lenient parent. In turn, instead of being a rebellious, rowdy teen, I tried to keep my mom's respect and trust and was pretty well-behaved. But one Saturday night I kind of let the details of my plans with my friend D. go unvoiced. I asked mom if I could go out, saying no more, and of course she said yes.

What I didn't tell my mom was that I was going for an airplane ride with D., who had her pilot's license. How's that for rebellion? A couple of teen-aged girls flying over Defiance County in an airplane?! You can imagine my mom's surprise when she found out!

I hadn't thought about B. or her hamsters or that flying trip in years (and years). Isn't it great how a random blog entry can spark so many memories?

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Free Turtle Rides! said...

My mom/parents were pretty lenient too...my one was a ride on a motorcycle, which my mother 100% hates. She was less than happy when she found out. (I was 14, he was 17...not good, but I was fine)