16 January 2007

And the Winner is ...


I was all set to use this space to give kudos to the winner of the OCC Girls Golden Globe Game - J. or M. I couldn't change my morning blogging idea just because I won, could I? :-)

I'd like to thank ... just kidding! I only scored 330 points outta 700 (11 answers right outta 25), so I have nothing to be proud of.

Thanks for letting me in on the game, girls. I look forward to the next round.


wrestling kitties said...

YAY!!! Congrats! That was definatly fun - the points thing made it interesting...I suck at the big categories b/c I always choose the underdog instead of the popular vote! Oh well, I REALLY enjoyed playing! I can't wait for other award ceremonies!

M said...

I gotta say, last night I thought I had this in the bag. Then today, WHAM, not so good. Ha! Well, tying for second isn't so bad.

It was fun nonetheless.

J, isn't it interesting that NEW girl comes in with a NEW game, then wins??!! I'm suspicious at best.

Congrats A! :)

A. said...

You caught me! I'm an awards show shark! Ha! Believe me, last night was a total and utter fluke!