14 December 2006

The Best Gift on Earth

Last night, after a full day of work, an eventful shopping outing, a frustrating drive home and an ecstatic greeting from my puppy D., I saw that I had gotten a package in the mail. I couldn’t wait to open it – after all, it didn’t have a ‘Don’t Open Until Dec. 25’ sticker on it anywhere that I could see.

After opening only one flap of the box, I knew what was inside – a soft, warm, long, green hooded sweater. (The store it came from called it a car coat, but that sounds pretentious, so from here on out, I’m calling it 'my dream sweater'.)

I first spotted my dream sweater more than three months ago while shopping with my friend W. I tried it on. Loved it. Wore it around the store. Pictured it in my closet. Even knew what jeans it would go best with. But I didn’t buy it. It was kind of expensive and I never buy stuff like that for myself.

Over the past three months, I’ve visited the sweater. I’ve tried it on again, wore it around the store (to the suspicion of many a salesperson) and even walked toward the counter with it, intending to buy it. But I didn’t.

So, when I saw the sweater’s sleeve peeking out at me from inside the box last night, I was over-joyed! It’s my dream sweater! Yahooey!

But before you think I’m a terrible, materialistic person, the title of this post isn’t referring to the sweater (my dream sweater), it’s referring to friendship.

While the sweater is going to be hard to beat, the fact that W. remembered how much I wanted that sweater and got it for me (in the right size and on sale so I don’t feel bad about the price anymore), was the highlight of my evening.

It shows how well she knows me and how much attention she was paying during our shopping trip (although everyone in the store that day probably caught on that I kinda, sorta, just a little bit wanted that sweater).

So, here’s to friendship – the best gift on earth!

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